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Pelvic Pain / Abdominal Pain​


Pelvic pain mostly affects women, but can affect men as well. Pain that lasts more than 3-6 months is described as chronic pelvic pain (CPP). CPP accounts for 10% of gynecological visits by women, and 20-30% of laparoscopies. There are multiple causes of pelvic pain. They can range from gynecologic (pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, ovarian torsion, ovarian tumors, ectopic pregnancy) to abdominal/pelvic (prostatitis, prostate cancer, colitis, appendicitis, adhesions, kidney and ureteral problems). Workup and diagnosis of chronic pelvic pain begins with an extensive history and physical examination, and will require additional testing from laboratory tests, to imaging of the abdomen and pelvis with X-rays, ultrasounds, CT scans, and MRI imaging. Some conditions may warrant further evaluation by surgical subspecialists including Gynecologists, Urologists, and General Surgeons.

Pelvic Pain / Abdominal Pain

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