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Demetrios Louis, M.D., DABA, DABAPM


Patient Testimonials

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Margie S.

I love seeing Dr Louis. I have seen him for several years. I actually enjoy going to see him. He listens to what you have to say & what your needs are. He doesn't like putting you on a lot of medicine. However, what you need & what is working is what he will make sure you have.

Anita C.

Dr Louis goes above and beyond! Along with having back pain from several previous surgeries, I also suffer from chronic daily severe migraines. He helped me with both conditions more than any doctor I've seen in 25 years. I truly appreciate his level of expertise and professionalism. But even mor, his compassion.

Caroline S.

Dr. Demetrius Louis is pretty awesome. He cares about his patients enough to look outside the box and research other alternatives to get us pain free without always having to take medicines. I'm a terrible TMJ case, have been for years. He gave me meds, but also gave me trigger point injections which even after the first one, have helped greatly. He's a nice caring guy, and so are all the nurses. I'm very happy and relieved I finally found a Dr that understands and is helping so much more than others at just the 2nd visit. Thanks!

Christina F.

Dr Louis and staff are wonderful! They have great kindness, understand meant, and knowledge meant of a patient's need for care. Dr Louis works with the patient to provide proper treatment. I would highly recommend Innovative Care Specialists to any patient that is in need of pain relief.

Dave M.

I have the utmost respect for Dr. Louis and his staff, he is forthright and honest, he listens when you have questions and is through in his explanations about procedures and timelines. I met a lot of doctors since my accident and he is by far the best. I recommend him to all my family and friends.


Dr. Louis is by far one of the most understanding Dr's I have dealt with. He has a great bed side manner.

I wish all physicians treated me like he'd did with; compassion, and caring.

Suzanne B.

My vascular surgeon recommended Dr. Louis after struggling with postoperative pain for four months. He was extremely thorough and meticulous in his assessment of my condition. I am excited and hopeful to begin enjoying my life again!! I will recommend him in an instant and not think twice!!

William D.

I consider myself to be extremely fortunate to have been under the care of Dr Louis & his staff at IPS for the past 18 months. Their pain management expertise has given me a quality of life that I didn't know was possible & for that, I'll be forever grateful.


Dr. Louis is a thorough, patient listener who continues to look for solutions to my mother's complicated pain management needs. We always leave his office with a clear-cut plan and a hopeful outlook.

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