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Paul Marsiglia, D.O., DABA, DABAPM


Patient Testimonials

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if you have been told that nothing can be done for your pain, or your pain controls your life, call Dr. Marsiglia. He is so well versed in the latest medications and procedures available to alleviate or completely eliminate pain. Experience for yourself and see Dr. Marsiglia. Pain relief is literally a phone call away. I have been given back my quality of life and what greater gift is there? An absolutely fabulous Doctor and a wonderful staff.

Lee J.

I was very pleased with the staff and Dr. Marsiglia was wonderful. He answered all my questions and talked me thru the whole procedure and what he was doing. I was not nervous because he made me feel very comfortable. I would recommend Innovative Pain Specialists and Dr. Marsiglia. 

Robert O.

When you are in pain the worst thing you can hear when seeking medical help is "we are booked up now but can fit you in a couple of weeks." That was not the case here. My visit was scheduled promptly and I was given a thorough diagnosis of my issue. I feel confident that the recommendation for treatment will help aleviate the back pain I have been experiencing for the past two weeks. And, I will not be forced to wait another two weeks for the treatment that I need. I was very impressed that Dr. Marsiglia not only recommends the back procedure that i need, but also performs the procedure. He is a doctor that instills confidence that the right thing will be done, he is the one to do it and that I will be on the road to recovery soon

Robert L. 

Dr. Marsiglia is a knowledgeable and extremely competent Doctor. I went into his office with pain in the 9-10 range and now the pain is completely gone. What a relief!

Angelina L.

An amazing practice. Dr. Marsiglia is the best pain specialist ever. His staff is kind and welcoming. My appointments are always on time. Dr. Marsiglia never ceases to amaze me in finding new and effective treatments for my severe chronic joint pain, neuropathy, degenerative disc disease plus other pain issues.. If you need pain relief and a caring , compassionate physician, call Dr. Marsiglia and expect the best. You won't be disappointed

Nancy P. 

As usual, Dr Marsiglia helps me with my ongoing pain issues and I am able to live a more normal life. His techniques and advice are like a miracle to me


Dr. Marsiglia always addresses any questions or concerns I may have. He explains my condition and what steps can be taken to alleviate my pain. The staff is friendly and professional. I would recommend Innovative Pain Specialists to anyone seeking relief from painful conditions.

Maria G.

Dr. Marsiglia is focused on the long-term effectiveness of his prescribed treatments. He takes great care to guide me towards choices that will be most beneficial while avoiding those that may have damaging consequences. I appreciate his personal attentiveness to my well-being. Most doctors I have seen in the past have had a cookie-cutter approach.

Thank you Dr. Marsiglia!


Dr. Marsiglia is by far the best Doctor I have ever met. He is extremely gifted and knowledgeable. His compassion, genuine concern and kindness are amazing. I absolutely love my Doctor. He has always prescribed appropriate pain care and treatment with wonderful results. The staff are so friendly. Dr. Marsiglia is an answer to my prayers. Thank you so much Dr.Marsiglia. You're the best!

Barbara H.

I arrived 15 minutes before my scheduled appointment and was taken care of almost immediately. The receptionist and assistant were courteous and friendly. Dr. Marsiglia was professional but also friendly. He was very thorough in both his questions and examination. He listened carefully to my concerns and helped me to come to a decision about treatment. This is the second time I have sought help from him and I would recommend Innovative Pain Specialists to my family and friends.

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