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Frequently Asked Questions


What is causing my pain?

There are a number of factors that can cause pain. At Innovative Pain Specialists, our expert physicians will aim to first diagnose your pain and determine its likely cause. Once a diagnosis is made, we will then focus our treatment regimen on your unique condition. Common causes of pain include nerve damage, work-related injuries, prior surgeries, degenerative conditions, arthritis, or even cancer. In fact, your pain may even be due to more than one cause. With that in mind, we are determined to treating your pain and improving your quality of life.

What kinds of treatment do you prescribe?

Whether you are just getting started managing your pain or have already tried everything you can think of, there are many approaches available to treat pain. The field of pain management is evolving and now is the time to visit specialists who will treat you, the patient, as a unique individual and in a holistic way. We utilize a wide spectrum of proven therapies which include: over-the-counter medication, physical therapy, behavioral therapy, prescription medical management, interventional therapy and minimally invasive approaches to chronic pain treatment. Often we find that a combination of treatments will be most beneficial in order to successfully relieve your pain. It cannot be stressed enough that every patient is unique, and what works for one person may not work for another. That's why we will derive a treatment plan that addresses your needs specifically.

How long does the treatment take?

It depends on what approach is taken. However, first a consultation is necessary to address your symptoms and the cause of your pain. In the case of medical management or physical therapy, several weeks may be required. With most interventional techniques, the procedure itself will only take a few minutes to administer and its benefits may last for months to years in some cases. With more advanced cases, device implantation may be recommended which can be accomplished in a day or less.

Will I be 100% pain free?

We can never guarantee you will be without pain. Many people become pain free; others find their pain sufficiently reduced that they are able to live normal lives. In any case, our goal is to improve your pain, get you to feel better about yourself and be more functional so that you can enjoy life.

My doctor prescribed opiates when over-the-counter medicines weren't effective. Now those don't help the pain, either. Do I have any other options?

Yes, there are other options. Of course, we recommend a complete exam to accurately diagnose your situation and prescribe treatment. Schedule a consultation today to learn more about what we can offer.

I've heard about neurostimulators for treating pain. What are they?

Neurostimulators, which are also known as spinal cord stimulators, are devices that send mild electrical impulses to the spine. Pain is alleviated because the impulses mask the perception of pain messages to the brain. This can be done in a minimally invasive manner and is reversible.

Are these treatments reversible?

Yes. Unlike some surgeries, most of our treatments are reversible. In the case of implanted devices, your doctor can turn off or remove the system. However, we recommend a trial period where you, the patient, can assess the efficacy of the treatment prior to implantation.

Does insurance cover these procedures?

Most visits and pain management procedures are covered by health insurance. Ultimately it is the patient's responsibility to verify their own benefits and coverage for any office visit or recommended procedure. Please call for an updated list of the insurance carriers that Innovative Pain Specialists contracts with. Below are some of the insurance companies that Innovative Pain Specialists is in-network with as denoted by an asterisk (*):

Aetna/US Health Care *
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois *
Cigna *
Definity Health *
HFN, Inc
Humana *
Medicare (IL) *
Tricare *
PHCS / Multiplan
PPO Next
Preferred Network Access
United Health Care *

 Will I be charged if I miss my appointment or cancel within 24 hours?

Appointments are scheduled for 45 minutes for initial consultations and 15-30 minutes for follow-up visits and procedures. If you need to cancel your scheduled appointment, you may do so without penalty, as long as 24 hours notice has been given. If a scheduled appointment is cancelled within 24 hours of the appointment time, you will be charged a $100 "no-show" fee for an initial consultation and a $50 "no-show" fee for a follow-up visit or procedure. Please be aware that you are fully responsible for all charges and insurance companies do not pay for missed appointments such as these.

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