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Stem Cell Therapy (Autologous)


The physicians of Innovative Pain Specialists may recommend one of the most innovative and revolutionary treatment available today for your pain. Innovative Pain Specialists offers the latest stem cell treatments for common musculoskeletal disorders. Disorders that may benefit from stem cell therapy include tendonitis, ligament diorders, degenerative joint disease and many other conditions. 

Autologous stem cell therapy is a safe and potentially very effective treatment. Many professional athletes, or "weekend warriors" and even those who are just looking to be more active and experience less pain have turned to stem cell therapy for relief.

First, it is important to be understand what stem cell therapy means. You must differentiate between what we offer (autologous stem cell therapy), and what many other clinics are offering today (frozen donor tissue). We advocate for autologous stem cell treatment that is minimally manipulated. That means that your doctor uses your own tissue to stimulate healing in your own body without significantly affecting the tissue or cells. 

However, you must be careful because most clinics today are using frozen or dead tissue to inject into patients. These clinics will charge you thousands of dollars to inject a vial of frozen tissue into your body. Many clinics will advertise and falsely guarantee that their stem cell therapy will cure you.

At Innovative Pain Specialists, we harvest your own tissue or cells and do not expose you to the potentially adverse reactions that occur with donor tissue. Why should you take the risk of disease transmission by using someone else's placenta or someone else's cells? Why should you expose yourself to the possibility of an adverse reaction by putting donor tissue into your body? We don't want you to take that risk and we don't feel that it necessary for your to take that risk. Instead we feel that you should use the healing power of your OWN cells, and your OWN growth factors in order to fight against your OWN condition.

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