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Innovative Pain Specialists was founded in 2011 by Dr. Marsiglia and Dr. Louis. At the time, there was a strong need for more research-proven, innovative treatments for those suffering from pain. We felt strongly that we could bring that type of care to the community where we grew up and currently reside. We believe that we have accomplished this goal, and we continue to stay on the forefront of technology as we continue to keep up with the latest treatments for those suffering from pain. We primarily focus on minimally-invasive orthopedic and spine treatments to alleviate pain, and we utilize the most advanced image-guidance and technology available today to ensure safety and optimize effectiveness. 

 Dr. Marsiglia and Dr. Louis first immersed themselves in the field of Interventional Pain Management while at Rush University Medical Center as co-residents. Upon completion of their residency programs, they fine-tuned their skills and expanded their knowledge base at the most prestigious multi-disciplinary program in the world at Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts. In fact, the program at Harvard is the only program in the world to have been recognized three times as a Center of Excellence by the American Pain Society. Dr. Marsiglia and Dr. Louis are both proud and grateful to be able to bring their vast knowledge and clinical abilities to the communities where they grew up so as to help patients conquer their pain and regain their quality of life. 

 As of 2021, Dr. Marsiglia and Dr. Louis have cared for over 10,000 patients. Although their practice is largely outpatient in nature, they continue to maintain staff privileges at Northwest Community Hospital (Arlington Heights, IL) and Advocate Condell Medical Center (Libertyville, IL). In addition, they regularly perform procedures and minimally-invasive surgeries at Hawthorn Surgery Center (Vernon Hills, IL) for those suffering from various orthopedic, neurological, and spinal conditions. Our doctors are leaders in the community, well-respected by their peers, and have even collaborated with Northwest Community Hospital to establish the NCH Back and Spine Clinic. As founding members, we work closely with therapists, sports physicians and neurosurgeons to ensure timely, coordinated, and appropriate care for our patients.



 We are a medical practice that puts safety, quality and outcomes above all else. We are a Patient-centric practice, or in other words, we put the patient and their needs first. Each physician at Innovative Pain Specialists first completed an Internship, then a specialized Residency program, and finally, a sub-specialty Fellowship. In addition, our physicians maintain the distinction of being Board-Certified in two specialties. Most others cannot say the same. With years and years of thorough clinical training, and with such a diverse and comprehensive background in medicine, our reputation speaks for itself.

 We are proud to set ourselves apart from "corporate medicine" which has encompassed the medical landscape across the United States. As you may know, medical care in the United States has become less personal and very expensive. Over the last 10 years there has been an incentive for hospitals to consolidate into large Health Systems. This environment has bolstered financial profits for large groups of hospitals. Unfortunately, the patient gets left behind to wonder where they can receive quality care. These large corporations have become increasing powerful, and have the ability to influence your care in many ways. 

 Many studies have proven that large Health Systems are significantly more costly and yet, contribute to a decrease the quality of medical care and decreased Patient Satisfaction scores. Many patients feel like a "number" in a large, consolidated Health System because they don't have enough time with their physician. We believe that medicine in the 21st century must be better. At Innovative Pain Specialists, we believe in the more traditional way that medicine should be practiced. In other words, we believe in the Patient-Physician relationship and the importance of maintaining a bond with our patients. We realize that it is extremely important to take time with the patient, listen to the patient's needs, and address the patient's concerns. In our view, this is the only way to practice medicine.

 In closing, we believe that the cost of healthcare can be reasonable and yet maintain the highest of quality. We do not employ Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, or other non-physician providers. Instead, our physicians evaluate every single patient because it is our belief that, as highly-trained specialist physicians, we can deliver the most appropriate and successful plan of care to you.

Simply put, our patients get the care they need and the personal touch they desire.

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